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Photographing for the People


I’m Federico.

I’ve been photographing Performers for some years now and I love how it makes me feel, the whole process for me is each time a new emotion making someone's new acquaintance and it brings me joy to the end of each process. It’s my aim to help you relax and enjoy the shoot by feeling in control of what you'd want to receive as per outcome.

As an actor/model I'd want a photographer who could lead me throughout the shoot so I'd know what we are trying to achieve hence i let my clients have their say and experiment their way too as they feel.

I believe in Connections. Make use of your nerves as you would for a casting to bring energy and passion and Feel as if you are speaking to the camera or reading a monologue but mainly, Feel naturally and comfortably at ease in your new space.

I aim at becoming the recommended photographer for the biggest London agencies and it is great when I hear that my shots are helping actors get work.

I embrace diversity in humans and i use my own style for lighting my clients, all with naturally beautiful and blissfully different shade and tones of skin I aim at representing them for who they truly are to themselves.

I am a starting actor/model and also a proud father to two beautiful girls!